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BASE courses

We are committed to getting you over the edge!​

Our extensive experience at the forefront of UK BASE means we are well versed in safe practice and techniques that will make your journey into BASE smooth and progressive.

We have opened up a significant number of new exits in the UK at the technical end of the sport, and use our experience to select the best methods to allow you to progress as safely as possible. This is coupled with a wealth of skydiving experience and instruction.

We will coach you through different aspects that will highlight:

  • Equipment specifications and configurations

  • Varied methods for exiting safely from Earth and other objects

  • Selection criteria for exit locations 

We will focus on progression from easy objects through to more demanding and exciting exits in our own backyard and abroad, broadening your experience and also including opportunities to explore what the UK has to offer. 


Course are run throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

We can advise you on the right equipment, whatever your level of experience

As official dealers for Apex Base and Atair Canopies we can get you what you need.

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