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In Pursuit of Excellence

To be at the top of our game is a never ending pursuit of excellence.  Performing 'at the edge' there is little room for error.

Mountain Man BASE demands exceptional standards - in our own practices, and in passing on our knowledge and experience to our students so that they too can thrive at the edge, and become exceptional athletes in their own right. 


Pioneering spirit

We are pioneers in opening up new territories for BASE jumping in the UK. This frequently includes technical exits, pushing the envelope and our skills.

Expertise is born out of deep knowledge and sound judgement.  This carries through into everyday life, translating insights gained into high performance in other situations encountered.

Leading Edge

We are not only informed by the latest practices and technology in extreme sports performance. We also draw on scientific insights and optimal performance psychology to ensure we are the best we can be.


To thrive under pressure and rise to the occasion.


Pushing the envelope means adopting the right mindset, attending to all the details that can give our performance that leading edge.


At the edge.  



All this adds up to a wealth of translational experience at fostering high performance in individuals aspiring to set higher goals.

This might be learning BASE as a progression along the skydiving pathway.

But it also applies to other contexts where stress and performance go hand-in-hand. Be that in the corporate world, athletic achievement or professions that demand an 'edge' in operational practices.


Mountain Man BASE can deliver insight into what it takes to have a high performance mindset.

Drawing on the extensive experience of extreme sports athletes, coupled with expertise in psychology and cognitive science, we can deliver lessons that can help motivate and inspire in the corporate world, managing stress and mental health, and optimising performance.

Get in touch to begin the conversation with us!

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