Pushing the limits

MountainManBase is an adventure media platform that showcases the leading edge of UK extreme mountain sports​.  Our focus is on cliff jumping across the breadth of the British Isles including Scotland, the Lake District and Wales and more besides​.  We pioneer new exits, push the boundaries, create the buzz.  ​Join us on our journey into the extreme...!


Showcasing our BASE jumping activities across the UK and beyond - first exits, adventures in the wild from Wales to Scotland and further afield



Forthcoming activities- exciting adventures pushing boundaries, multimedia projects capturing high quality footage, photography, aerial video and articles in the written press



Working with media content creators and sponsors across the action adventure community

Our Mission

We are a collective of active BASE jumpers and adventure media content creators, pushing the boundaries of BASE in the UK and abroad.  Cliff jumping, ski-BASE, wingsuiting are our specialities.  Establishing new exits, capturing the moment in photography and videography.  Creating the buzz at the cutting edge of extreme sports and adventure...



Get in touch!  Join us on adventures, let's redefine the boundaries...

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