Facilitating Adventures

Mountain Man BASE is not just in this for the 'thrill' of doing it! Well, ok, that's clearly a big part of what we do...

Few realise the skill and experience levels that go into becoming highly proficient at BASE jumping. Fewer still realise the skills that go hand in hand with doing this in mountain environments like we have in the UK (they might be smaller than our cousins abroad in the Alps and Greater Ranges but they still pack a punch).

As highly experienced mountaineers, climbers, skiers as well as skydivers, we can also facilitate the journey to the extremes for others!

To this end we can arrange courses in mountain basics, through to more extreme pursuits, including rope safety, winter mountaineering, rock climbing, and of course airborne pursuits leading you to achieve that dream BASE jumper status....

So what are you waiting for...get in touch!!

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